Amsterdam Food Tour

Street Food in Amsterdam: Take a Bite Out of Holland

There is no better way to get know a country than by tasting some its delicious delicacies. Luckily, the capital of Netherlands is packed-full of moreish morsels and phenomenal street food. To assist you through the minefield of savory snacks and sweet treats we’ve highlighted some of the most well-known delicacies and the best street food tours in Amsterdam to help you find them.

Those with a sweet tooth can rest easy, as Amsterdam is renowned for whipping up some of the tastiest sugary treats in the world. Take you pick from the caramel filled stroopwafel to the bite sized Dutch pancakes – poffertjes – dusted with powdered sugar and butter. You may very well be unable to help yourself as the scent of crispy dough and syrup float by, but save some room for other dishes like the famous bitterballen; deep fried balls of molten cheese and beef ragu.

Freshly baked poffertjes

One of the most famous dishes you can find in the capital is the soused raw herring served with chopped raw onions and gherkins. Herring has been eaten by the people of Holland for 600 years, and they even have a particular way of eating the delicacy whereby you hold the fish by the tail in the air and eat upwards. If you’re brave enough, head towards the Albert Cuyp Market and grab a portion from the stalls in front of the Oosterkerk Church.

If this hasn’t quite sated your appetite you can get grab exactly what you want from one of the FEBO vending machine restaurants dotted across the city. This novel concept fast-food establishment allows you to grab a piping hot croquette, burger or bitterballen straight from the huge wall of freshly cooked dishes. Simply pop your money in and take what you want.

Dutch Cheese

There are a number of fantastic street food tours available to help you find the best local bites. The Hungry Birds food tours focus on seeing the city like a local, not only taking you to the secret foodie spots, but also allowing you to meet the producers and ask questions about the dishes. Take your pick from a variety of walking tours, bicycle excursions or simply enjoy a lazy Sunday brunch tour. With Eating Amsterdam you can even enjoy a walking street food tour topped off with a canal ride for the full Dutch experience. Featuring all the cheese, sausage and beer you could ever want, this tour is a must for those looking to experience the local food traditions and explore the city in a truly unique way.