Beach Tips For Children

Beach Tips for Travelling With Young Children

The days are getting warmer, the summer holidays are on the horizon and that can only mean one thing: a trip to the beach. While this activity can be daunting for new parents or those with young children, there are a few simple ways you can ensure your day at the coast is as fun as possible. Check out some of our top beach tips for young children so you can simply relax and enjoy your family day out.

Essentials & Planning

Remembering to bring a few essential items can be the difference between a perfect day and a total tantrum. Basic essentials like sun cream, sunglasses, towels, hats, and UV protected swimwear should be packed first. Other items such as a spare change of clothes for after the beach, a beach tent, bathrobes for if it gets cold and baby powder – the magical ingredient for getting off stubborn sand – all make for a hassle-free stay. Bring along a coolbox filled with fruit, cold water, frozen yogurt tubes and juice boxes so you are well prepared when the little bellies start to rumble.

If you have older children, locate the bathrooms as soon as you get to the beach, while families with younger kids can simply bring along a folding travel potty, loo roll and some sealable plastic bags.

Beach Essentials


Making sure your child stays protected from the sun should be a priority on beach days. Besides UV swimwear, regularly topping up on sun cream will keep them safe from the sun’s rays. An easy way to find shade from the sun is to bring along a beach tent. Often brightly coloured and built with ultraviolet protection, a beach tent will give the kids a place to cool off, nap and locate your base camp if they wander off.

When you make camp, let the kids know exactly where you are before letting them go off to play. Point out some landmarks to help them find you if they run off out of sight. Make sure that they know to ask the lifeguard for help if they get lost and explain where to find them.


While running about and splashing in the water is fun for a while, a good way to keep your kids stimulated is to bring along plenty of beach toys. Kids can dig holes and make sandcastles for hours and hours, giving you time to relax. If they ever get bored, take them to explore rock pools, or collect colourful seashells. If you have toddlers, bring a paddling pool, fill it with a few inches of water and some sand and they will play happily and cool all day.

Whether you are catching a P&O Ferry to France or Belgium, these top tips for hitting the beach with children should ensure perfect sun kissed happy days.