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Pet-Friendly Holidays: How to Travel with Your Furry Friend via Ferry

Everybody needs a holiday now and again – even your pooch. But while flying can be incredibly expensive and traumatic for your pet, ship travel can provide a much more comfortable journey for your little companion. 50,000 dogs a year currently travel with P&O Ferries, helping you to share wonderful memories with every member of your family, without having to leave anyone behind. Take a look at our pet-friendly holiday ideas to inspire your own escape with your four-legged friend.

About Ferry Travel with a Pet

Travel with pets

To travel with your pet abroad, you’ll need to ensure you have a Pet Passport (which you can get from your vet) and that you’re up-to-date with the necessary vaccinations. In some countries there may be further restrictions, so it’s important to check in advance on the UK Government Website. Once you are all prepared, simply add your pet (or pets) onto your booking and you’re ready to go!

Before you board, make sure to feed, water and exercise your animal; this will help them to relax on the journey. As an added bonus, we also offer a free Pet Travel Pack, full of goodies that may include a window vent, pop-up water bowl, becobags, shampoo and a refillable water bottle. For more information about individual crossings, check out the ‘Pets on Board’ section for the route you would like to take on our main site, this can be found under the ‘Travelling With Us’ menu tabs.

Where to Stay

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Whether you have a tiny Chihuahua or a Great Dane, there are plenty of pet-friendly accommodation options abroad and across the UK. Campsites have long been a haven for those travelling with animals, especially considering the wide open area they have to run around and play in. If you’re looking for something a little cosier, try and book a pet-friendly cottage, which can provide you with the facilities and space to look after them the same way you would at home. If you want to explore the city, many hotels also cater to those travelling with pets, but always check in advance or include this into your booking to avoid any confusion.

Where to Go

Pet Travel Tips

There are lots of superb destinations to choose from, depending on what kind of holiday you want to enjoy. For seaside fun, take your canine companion for a walk along the beautiful Belgian beach of Ostend, or visit Holland’s favourite coastal resort, The Hague. If you’re looking for a countryside escape in France, both the Loire Valley and the Pas de Calais region boast dense forests, charming villages and fantastic food. In the Netherlands and Belgium, enjoy walks along the tulips fields near Haarlem or hike alongside your dog in the lush Belgian Ardennes. Even city breaks can be great fun for you and your pet, with European capitals like Paris full of designated areas for dogs in their many parks.

Wherever you decide to go, you can rest easy that you’ve not only been able to save some money on kennels, but also been able to share some magical moments with your pet that you and your family will never forget. If this has inspired your own escape, check out our Adventure Page.