The Hague Feature

The Hague With Kids: An Activity Guide

The Hague is the former capital of the Netherlands, best known as the seat of the Dutch government and home to the royal family. However, despite having a serious side, the city’s beachside location, historic pier and multitude of attractions make it the perfect place to visit with children. From miniature model parks to cycling trails, take a look at some of the best activities you can enjoy when visiting The Hague with kids.

Duinrell HolidayPark

The Hague with Kids: Wild Wings Duinrell

A short drive from the city centre will take you to the popular Duinrell in Wassenaar. One of the most popular theme parks in the Netherlands, as well as the outdoor rollercoasters and attractions, there are 11 indoor water slides and a relaxing Tiki Pool to keep the whole family entertained all day long.

Madurodam Miniature Park

A trip to see the tiny windmills, royal palaces and impressively detailed neighbourhoods at the Madurodam model park is a must for any family. This interactive theme park allows kids to take on the role of a lock keeper, pilot or machinist – but best of all is the chance to become the Hero of Haarlem.

Children will love acting out the tale of the boy who put his finger in the dyke to save Holland from flooding, especially given there’s a very real possibility of getting soaked!

Meijendel Sand Dunes

The Hague with Kids: Meijendel Sand Dunes

Meijendel is an area of coastal dunes stretching from The Hague to Wassenaar, and part of a nature reserve of thick pine woods and still lakes. As well as being a great place to ride bikes, kids will be in awe at the beautiful nature reserve’s wildlife – with over 250 species of bird abundant on the North Sea shoreline. Be sure to relax with a picnic on the wide beach before you depart.

Scheveningen Beach

This popular pavilion-lined sandy shore is a must-visit when you visit The Hague with kids, as it the most popular beach in the area – and understandably so. Whether the kids want to build sandcastles under the sun or you want to explore the underwater world at Sea Life Scheveningen, there’s always plenty to see and do at this seaside resort.

Scheveningen Pier

The Hague with Kids: Scheveningen Pier

This gigantic 45-metre pleasure pier reaches out far into the sea, both providing some incredible views and acting as a funhouse for kids. Thankfully, adults are also very well catered for too, with street food vendors, terraces and shops all accessible by strolling along the pier’s picturesque promenade.

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