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A Summer in Paris

Long sunny days and light evenings were just made for exploring Paris – think romantic picnics eating brie and baguette in front of the Eiffel Tower, or lounging with an espresso outside a chic café. But as well as these classic holiday favourites, summer is the time when the city really comes into its own, with the warmer weather bringing a whole host of new and exciting events. So grab your sunglasses – here are the spots you should be visiting in and around Paris this summer.

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Holiday like a star in Cannes

It’s time to grab your sunglasses and head to this treasured spot in France where the stars shine almost as bright as the sun. A holiday in Cannes is a true slice of luxury, whether you’re enjoying outdoor screenings during the film festival or taking a break to the glamorous spot at any other time of the year. The city’s beautiful coastlines and sprawling beachside cafés are perfectly mixed with majestic casinos and glitzy bars for an evening’s entertainment, so you can relax in style throughout your stay. Here’s how to holiday like a star in Cannes.

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Not just for Christmas: Top events in Strasbourg

Can’t decide between bratwurst or saucisson? Find the best of both worlds in Strasbourg, a hidden gem bordering two of Europe’s finest holiday destinations. Sitting just inside the French border with Germany, the city’s fairy-tale houses and 11th-century cathedral make an idyllic backdrop for a Christmas market. However, there’s far more to the Grand Est capital than just the festive season. Home to the second largest student population in France, the city also has its finger firmly on the pulse of modern culture, the evidence of which can been seen by the fantastic annual events held in Strasbourg.

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A Day in Dublin: Ireland’s Beautiful Capital City

Home to the famous Book of Kells, a buzzing theatre scene and astounding historical architecture, there’s plenty of things to do in Dublin, Ireland’s vibrant capital city. With a history of inspiring writers and academics including Oscar Wilde and James Joyce, it’s a true cultural melting pot, and a P&O ferry will land you right in the heart of it. Between flowing pints of Guinness and deliciously hearty eats, a wander through its cobbled streets will take you on an unforgettable journey. Got 24 hours to spare? Check out our guide to visiting the delights of Dublin in 24 hours.

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The Great War: WW1 Battlefields to Visit in The Somme

On the 1st July 2016 the world will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, one of the defining conflicts of the First World War. The Centenary event will see thousands of visitors gather at the various battlements in and around Somme, northern France, to pay respects to the soldiers who lost their lives there. Take a walk through a historical landscape shaped by the Great War with our guide to some of the most significant battlefields and forgotten trenches of this area.

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The Brussels Jazz Marathon: Europe’s Premier Music Weekend

Each May, the streets of Brussels are filled with the sweet sounds of music. 2016 is the 21st year of the Brussels Jazz Marathon, and a host of big names from the local and international scenes are set to perform. Commencing from Friday 20th May, five open air stages will pop up in the Belgian capital’s most iconic locations to showcase the best emerging and established artists in jazz, world, Latino, funk and blues, with many of the city’s clubs, bars and cafés putting on more intimate concerts too.

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Alternative Ways to Celebrate St George’s Day 2016

On the 23rd April each year, England commemorates the life of its revered patron, Saint George. A Christian martyr, Roman soldier and legendary dragon slayer, the saint and his colours have become a national symbol of England. Patriots and visitors alike celebrate the day by wearing red roses and attending the annual St George’s Day parade in towns across the country. If you are wondering what to do on St George’s Day, check out our alternative activities and learn all about England’s rich history and notable landmarks.

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