Top Hull to Zeebrugge Mini Cruise Destinations

A Mini Cruise to Belgium offers the perfect opportunity to discover some of the country’s most wonderful cities, as many of them are located just a short drive from the port. Here, we look at our favourite Hull to Zeebrugge Mini Cruise destinations and why you should choose to spend your day exploring one of these fascinating places.

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2019 Events in Europe

If there’s one thing Europeans know how to do well, it’s putting on a show. Thousands of different regional and national festivals take place across the continent each year, with everything from carnivals to Christmas celebrations. As we wave goodbye to 2018, take a look at some of the best 2019 events in Europe that deserve a spot in your

Spending Christmas in Europe

Are you planning on spending Christmas in Europe? The continent is full of festive destinations to suit every family. From snow-capped mountains and traditional winter festivals to more sunnier climes, your perfect break is within easy reach. Travelling by ferry not only means a more relaxed way to begin Christmas, but you can pack as many presents as you like

Best Christmas Markets in Belgium

Whether you like your Christmas markets big or small, traditional or original, you’ll find your favourite festive stop in Belgium. Stroll through magnificent streets illuminated by fairy lights and the warming glow of market stalls as the scent of freshly-sugared treats fills the air. Attracting a huge number of vendors from all over the world, these markets combine local gifts

Old World Sites in Europe

As the birthplace of many of a civilisation, Europe is undeniably saturated in historical value. In fact, aside from its delicious food scene and exciting calendar of events that take place in the ‘Old Continent’, the majority of tourists also visit to immerse themselves in its wonderful heritage. From the Medieval town of Bruges to the picturesque Loire Valley, take

Christmas Market Shopping Guide

It’s that wonderful time of year again – where people gather together in the chilly town squares to visit Europe’s best Christmas markets, soak up some festive cheer, see the twinkling light displays and enjoy a steaming mug of comforting glühwein. While the markets’ winter wonderland atmospheres are undoubtedly a huge draw, there are countless unique gifts to find for

The Best Christmas Markets in Europe

Is there anything as festive as a traditional Christmas market? As you wander down historical streets laced with the warming scent of cinnamon, where fairy lights twinkle from the branches of towering trees and magnificent landmarks stand over dainty medieval houses, you’ll find yourself falling in love with the season all over again. Treat yourself to a pre-Christmas getaway with

A chocolate lover’s guide to Europe

No matter the question, chocolate is the answer. So whether you prefer Switzerland’s creamy Alpine milk chocolate or the delicate constructions of a French artisan chocolatier, you’ll find the perfect tonic among Europe’s superlative cacao creators. Spend your days marvelling at decadently decorated chocolateries and attend some of the most renowned chocolate festivals in the world. And if you’re travelling

Places to Spend Halloween in Europe

If you’re interested in all things macabre and supernatural, prepare for your preferred time of year: Halloween is almost upon us. Between gorging on sweets and carving creepy pictures into pumpkins, why not take the time explore a notoriously haunted spot? With Europe on your doorstep, and all its long and tumultuous history to discover, there are bloodcurdling landmarks just

6 reasons why you should visit Bruges in 2019

Few cities in the world boast a centre so exemplary that the entire area has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But Bruges is one of those majestic places that is truly one-of-a-kind, with its perfectly preserved medieval facades, traditional horses and carts that parade the cobbled Market Square, and winding canals that carry visitors to hidden wonders.

Getting From The Port of Zeebrugge to Bruges

As one of the most popular places to visit in the world, the medieval city of Bruges attracts millions of visitors per year from all over the globe. With a distance of just 17 kilometres from the port, those travelling to Belgium on a P&O ferry have a variety of options when getting from Zeebrugge to Bruges.

Could you finish the E2 European long distance path?

A long-distance walking route that criss-crosses Europe, the E2 path takes you through some of the world’s most scenic countryside. And with thousands of miles of rolling hills, sandy beaches and lofty terrain, embarking on foot means you’ll be able to take the time to truly appreciate the route’s steadily changing landscape.