Celebrate the festive season at Europe’s theme parks

From hair-raising roller coasters to grand-scale illusions, today’s theme parks offer something for everyone, and come Christmas-time, they get even more exciting. Indeed, many of Europe’s most popular theme parks put on festive displays especially for the holiday season. Experience snowy scenes, twinkling lights, live entertainment and maybe even a visit from Father Christmas.

Gouda at Christmas

The birthplace of one of the Netherlands’ most famous cheeses, foodies have something of an affinity with Gouda. While the city’s impressive Gothic architecture, pretty streets and picturesque quarters also attract tourists of all interests. Come Christmas time, the city gets even more spectacular, playing host to a very special event in Mid-December – Gouda by Candlelight. Read on to

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As part of our #WhatNext campaign, we’re encouraging travellers to explore the road less travelled. And what better way to do it than with a self-guided tour, where you’ll have the freedom to explore a city at your own pace? In the spirit of spontaneity, we’ve featured destinations that can be discovered on two feet or four wheels – whichever