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Annual Film Festivals in Europe

Every year, cinephiles journey in their droves to film festivals across the globe. Although Hollywood is eternally popular as a producer of blockbusters, Europe may well be the true home of the art form. Attending a film festival gives you the chance to experience movies in their best possible iteration – on the big screen, surrounded by equally enthusiastic people. Whether you’re an expert on underground horror, a black comedy buff or a sucker for a political thriller, there’s an amazing film festival in Europe just for you.

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Second World War battlefield tours: The best routes

The wild poppies may be on their way out of season, but soon war memorials across the world will be sheathed in a sea of red flowers to commemorate the fallen. As Remembrance Day draws near, why not consider a trip to the very ground where the events occurred? Whether or not you had relatives who took part, visiting the places where some of the most important battles of the World Wars took place is a moving way to mark the day – giving a glimpse into the realities of the fighting. Embark on your own World War II battlefield tour this November with a visit to these poignant locations.

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Paris Autumn Festival: Discover the capital’s must-see event

Right now in Paris, a multi-sensory extravaganza is taking place across some of the French capital’s most exciting venues. Every year, the Festival d’Automne à Paris marks the end of summer by bringing together music, dance, theatre and film to the very forefront of the cultural stage. With the event already in full swing, some forty or so of the city’s establishments have opened their doors to take part, and it’s all going on until mid-December. Heralded as the festival of the season for its unmissable performances, exhibitions and shows, grab your chance to take part now.

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Three Wicked Cities to Celebrate Halloween in Europe

While nowhere in the world celebrates Halloween with quite the same gusto as America, that’s not to say that Europe – with its ancient ruins, gory history and fascinating folklore – isn’t an amazing place to be on October 31st. If you want to scare yourself silly, some unforgettable celebrations can be found a short ferry ride away, in three of Europe’s most fright-filled cities.

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Food Festivals in Normandy

Thanks to its lush countryside and coastline location, Normandy, in Northern France, holds a cornucopia of wonderfully fresh produce. The local delicacies owe a lot to this setting, and many of the region’s restaurants feature ever-changing seasonal menus. Typical dishes are simple, yet rich – often with a generous helping of cream and butter. All in all, local produce is a great reflection of this region’s landscape, which encompasses acres of cow fields, apple orchards and an extensive sea coast. Ready to try some for yourself? The best way to do so is at a food festival – and you can find one almost every month. Here, we take a look at some of the best foodie gatherings in Normandy this October.

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A practical guide to driving your car in France, including top tips

Ah, the open road. Sometimes there’s no greater pleasure than exploring a city from the comfort of your own car. From the craggy coastlines of Brittany to the snowy peaks of the Alps, France in particular offers endless road trip opportunities. If you’re thinking of driving in France though, you’ll find that some of their regulations may differ to those in the UK. This guide explains everything you need to know to stay within the law, so you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind.

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Find a last minute holiday this August

Get ready for ice cream on the beach, camping under the stars, and plenty of new and exciting places to explore! We know planning ahead can be difficult – especially if you’re juggling a whole family’s schedule – and now the gloomy weather has gone and ruined your staycation plans. But never fear, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy a spot of sunshine this summer holiday with these last minute break ideas. Whether you have a week or a day, take a look at some of these fantastic deals on our crossings this August.

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