Berlin Light Festival

Experience the Berlin Light Festival

Once a year, the German capital undergoes a curious makeover, where buildings across the city are bathed in dazzling light projections that make up the Berlin Light Festival. The annual event attracts over two million visitors to the city, making it one of the most successful light shows in the world.

Berlin attractions

As soon as the sun sets, famous attractions such as the Berliner Dom Cathedral and the Brandenburg Gate are lit up with glowing light projections during the Berlin Light Festival. Each projection is carefully created by a number of national and international artists to maximum visual effect. The enormous installations turn the entire city into a huge, walkable art gallery, highlighting key landmarks, historical places and trendy neighbourhoods.

The recent emergence of live 3D video mapping at the festival, has allowed artists even greater creativity, using the city’s landmarks as a canvas to create astounding visual displays. The precise light displays are capable of building blocks, shattering them, creating shadows, opening windows and blossoming organic shapes across the facades of Berlin’s most famous attractions.

Lightseeing tours

Due to the enormous popularity of the event, Lightseeing tours have sprung up, offering you a chance to view the dazzling displays via bus, boat, balloon, Segway or even tuk tuk! Many of the Berlin Light Festival tours will take you to a selection of the best and brightest displays in the city and explain the details behind each illumination as well as providing you with insight into Berlin’s rich history.

The festival is also accompanied by a number of supporting events throughout, with highlights including the formal LightsOn opening ceremony and the hotly anticipated LUMISSIMO concert held in the Berlin Cathedral Church. The LUMISSIMO concert sees a blend of classical and contemporary music fill the church’s interior, aided by a spectacular and simply breathtaking laser show.

The entire event is free to enjoy on foot, with hundreds of tours available to those looking for a guided visit of the festival highlights. See this incredible festival by travelling to Berlin with P&O Ferries and bring colour to your stay in Germany. Alternatively, check out the Amsterdam Light Festival which is just as mesmerising.

Creative Commons images courtesy of abbilder on flickr