Paris Skyline

Getting from the port of Calais to Paris

Paris: the city of love, fashion and world-famous food and wine. Whether you’re indulging in all the wonders France’s cultured capital has to offer or treating the kids to Disneyland Paris, you’re sure to make some unforgettable memories. After taking a quick 90-minute ferry across the Channel, Paris is either a car or train route away.


Image by Un Bolshakov

If you choose to drive, there are just under 200 kilometres of road between Calais and Paris. Because France’s motorways are privately managed, the two main routes both have tolls. Expect to pay around €20 each way if you’re in a car, though prices do vary depending on the type of vehicle. The fastest route is via the A26 and A1 on motorways, getting you to Paris in around three hours, with the A16 route around 10-15 minutes longer. These routes will take you almost all the way to Disneyland Paris too, so you’re sure to see plenty of signs  for Europe’s most popular theme park en route.

A toll-free route shouldn’t be dismissed though if time isn’t of the essence. Head west towards Boulogne-sur-Mer, then south on the D901, passing through some quaint French towns and gorgeously scenic countryside.

Finally, there are a number of car rental companies at the ferry terminal if you haven’t brought across your own vehicle. There are also coach services available from both the port and Calais centre.


Image by Franklin Hunting

If you’d prefer not to drive, it’s also easy to get to Paris by train – and you can relax and enjoy the view along the way. There are two train stations in Calais that will take you to Paris Gare du Nord. The nearest of these to the port is Gare de Calais-Ville, which you can catch a TER or a TGV train from. To get there, you can either hop in a taxi for 10 minutes or stretch your legs with a half-hour walk. There are some direct trains to Paris from this station, but be aware that most services will include a change – usually in either Lille or Hazebrouck. Both TGV and TER services tend to take just around three hours with a change, or just over two hours if direct.

However, fast and direct services are more frequent from Gare de Calais-Fréthun, a slightly longer 20-minute taxi ride from the ferry port, ensuring you can catch the high-speed TGV train straight to Paris in under two hours.

If you’re going on to Disneyland Paris, you’ll need to catch a further train to Gare de Marne la Vallée Chessy. Both stations in Calais can take you there via a change in Lille, though the service from Gare de Calais-Fréthun will get you there around 30 minutes quicker.

Travelling around Paris

Image by Daniel X. O’Neil

Once you get to Paris, the Metro will be able to take you to all the top tourist attractions. If you’re working your way around the city, consider buying a carnet of 10 tickets to use throughout your stay, as this may work out cheaper than buying individual tickets.

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