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The UCI World Track Championships 2018 and more cycling trips in Apeldoorn

For those who prefer the petrol-free way of life, the land of tulips, cheese markets and perfectly frothed beer might just be paradise. Alongside Denmark, the Netherlands is the most bike-friendly nation in Europe, with 70% of all journeys in cities like Amsterdam and The Hague made on two wheels. Much of the country’s infrastructure has been designed with cyclists specifically in mind, which, combined with famously flat Dutch terrain, makes it the ideal destination for those setting off on their first cycling holiday. What’s more, this year cyclists new and old can be inspired by their heroes at the UCI World Track Championships 2018, which are set to be held in one of Holland’s quaintest locations – Apeldoorn.

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Embrace Spring: Four active holidays in Europe

How about an early morning hike past soaring snow-capped mountains, spending the day cycling along sprawling untamed coastlines, or diving deep below glistening azure waters to discover the local sea life? There are so many incredible locations across the pond just waiting to be explored on foot, ski or scuba – and with P&O Ferries, you can take everything from surfboards to bicycles for free. Now all you have to do is choose one of these stunning destinations for your next active holiday in Europe.

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The best ski spots in Europe

Picture this: you’re gracefully cruising down a white powdery slope against a pure blue sky, before gliding into a charming chalet to warm up with an indulgent hot chocolate or spiced mulled wine. Sound good? Then get away from the drizzly rain and head to one of Europe’s stunning ski spots. These may be a little further out that the usual destinations, but you’ll be surprised how much you can save on a family ski trip when you travel by car. Add to that the flexibility of not being tied to flight schedules – and breathtaking mountainous terrain to boot – and these are sure to become a regular favourite of the holiday calendar.

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Four of the best theme Parks in Europe

The thrill of the big wheel, the whoosh as the rollercoaster hurtles downhill and the almighty splash as the log flume hits the water; visiting a theme park is one of the most sensory, exciting activities you can do whatever age you are. And some of the best can be found not too far from home. From visiting famous landmarks in Mini-Europe to scaling lofty heights and stepping into storybook realms, here are some of the best theme parks in Europe.

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