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Dunkirk: Town of unbelievable tales

Just 10 km from the Belgian border, the French coastal town of Dunkirk is perhaps best known as the site of one of the most miraculous evacuations in military history. But before World War II, Dunkirk was famous for a very different reason – it grew into one of the most prolific fishing towns in France. Today the town is a vibrant tourist spot with reminders of its rich history etched across the area. For the release of Christopher Nolan’s feature film documenting the events of the 10-day ordeal in 1940, we take a look at the best places to visit in Dunkirk.

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Blistering barnacles! Exploring art in Brussels

Whether the unique city views have you reaching for your own paintbrush, or you simply appreciate the vibrant strokes of a masterful oil painting, Brussels is the perfect getaway for any art lover. Art is a key part of the Brussels aesthetic, from the many murals covering the walls of quaint houses to the avant garde sculptures constantly popping up in local parks. Take a walk through the painted city streets of the Belgian capital and you can’t help but be inspired by the city. Here are some of our top tips for exploring art in Brussels.

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Open Air Art: The Bruges Triennial

The medieval town of Bruges receives over five million visitors a year, but what would happen if those visitors decided to become residents? The 2015 Bruges Triennial of Contemporary Art and Architecture wonders just that in with its latest theme – global urbanisation. The event sees artists travel from across the world to leave their creative mark on the historic Belgian town with a series of artistic installations. Perfect for anyone already planning to visit the city, or those with a love of art, this free festival provides visitors with a truly unique opportunity to enjoy a walkable, open-air art gallery. Continue reading Open Air Art: The Bruges Triennial