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Alternative European Golf Tournaments of 2017

If all the drama and excitement in the lead up to the British Open has whetted your appetite, take a look at these other great golf tournaments taking place across Europe this year. Whether you’re looking to take on the greens yourself or simply catch the newest talent rising through the ranks, you’ll find the perfect golfing break here. From fantastic family fun days to luxurious resort breaks to taking on the pros, here’s our guide to the best alternative European golf tournaments of 2017.

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Tasty Snacks and European Delicacies You Need to Try

Amazing museums, fascinating architectural wonders and beautiful beaches are all of course great reasons to travel, but for many of us, the best part of getting away is the chance to tuck into some fine local food. From delicious snacks like creamy melted camembert or Irish soda bread, to lavish desserts such as syrup-soaked French crepes or freshly toasted waffles (piled high with lashings of chocolate and fruit, naturally), you just can’t beat Europe’s selection of decadent treats. It goes without saying that these moreish snacks are at their best and most authentic when enjoyed right at the source, so we’ve carefully selected some of our favourite European delicacies and where you can find them.

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