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Blistering barnacles! Exploring art in Brussels

Whether the unique city views have you reaching for your own paintbrush, or you simply appreciate the vibrant strokes of a masterful oil painting, Brussels is the perfect getaway for any art lover. Art is a key part of the Brussels aesthetic, from the many murals covering the walls of quaint houses to the avant garde sculptures constantly popping up in local parks. Take a walk through the painted city streets of the Belgian capital and you can’t help but be inspired by the city. Here are some of our top tips for exploring art in Brussels.

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Europe in Books: Literary Destinations

There’s no better way to rediscover your favourite destination, or to try somewhere completely new, than with a good book as your tour guide. In fact, some of the greatest locations are hidden within the very pages of a well-thumbed story. Stroll the streets of these stunning cities and you’ll soon see why they inspired some of the world’s most beautiful novels.

Looking for holiday inspiration? Here’s a guide to the best cities in Europe, from the authors who loved them most.

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