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Second World War battlefield tours: The best routes

The wild poppies may be on their way out of season, but soon war memorials across the world will be sheathed in a sea of red flowers to commemorate the fallen. As Remembrance Day draws near, why not consider a trip to the very ground where the events occurred? Whether or not you had relatives who took part, visiting the places where some of the most important battles of the World Wars took place is a moving way to mark the day – giving a glimpse into the realities of the fighting. Embark on your own World War II battlefield tour this November with a visit to these poignant locations.

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Food Festivals in Normandy

Thanks to its lush countryside and coastline location, Normandy, in Northern France, holds a cornucopia of wonderfully fresh produce. The local delicacies owe a lot to this setting, and many of the region’s restaurants feature ever-changing seasonal menus. Typical dishes are simple, yet rich – often with a generous helping of cream and butter. All in all, local produce is a great reflection of this region’s landscape, which encompasses acres of cow fields, apple orchards and an extensive sea coast. Ready to try some for yourself? The best way to do so is at a food festival – and you can find one almost every month. Here, we take a look at some of the best foodie gatherings in Normandy this October.

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Exploring the D-Day Beaches in Normandy

On the morning of 6 June 1944, the once pristine Normandy coastline became the site of the largest ever seaborne invasion in world history. The Allied land, air and sea operation became known as the D-Day Landings and within just one month 1,100,000 troops, 200,000 vehicles and 750,000 tons of stores were moved to France – heralding one of the most important stages of World War 2.

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Where to Watch the Tour de France: A Spectator’s Guide

Set amid some of the most astoundingly beautiful scenery in the world, the Tour de France is a sporting event unlike any other. The contrast of brutally steep climbs up mountain terrain and thrilling city sprints are the result of months of training for the world’s greatest cyclists, and breathtaking to watch for spectators. The 103rd Tour de France route will traverse a total distance of 3,519 kilometres across some remarkable locations – and includes stages in Switzerland, Spain and Andorra.

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Tasty Snacks and European Delicacies You Need to Try

Amazing museums, fascinating architectural wonders and beautiful beaches are all of course great reasons to travel, but for many of us, the best part of getting away is the chance to tuck into some fine local food. From delicious snacks like creamy melted camembert or Irish soda bread, to lavish desserts such as syrup-soaked French crepes or freshly toasted waffles (piled high with lashings of chocolate and fruit, naturally), you just can’t beat Europe’s selection of decadent treats. It goes without saying that these moreish snacks are at their best and most authentic when enjoyed right at the source, so we’ve carefully selected some of our favourite European delicacies and where you can find them.

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