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Summer Road Trip: The Wine Capitals of France

Although the birthplace of wine can be traced back to a cave in Armenia around 4000 BC, France has long been the beacon of viticulture. This is a country that has produced some of the finest vintages in history, and its regions lend their name to almost all grape varieties. Whether you’re a snob for a Southern hemisphere Sauvignon or favour a California Pinot Noir, you probably have France to thank for it. If you have a car, there should be little to put you off exploring France’s famous wine capitals on a summer road trip. After catching a P&O ferry to Calais, four of the most distinguished wine regions in the world are at your fingertips. Each have their own allures, and here, we delve into what makes each of them unique.

NB: France has a driving law which requires every vehicle to have a breathalyzer on hand at all times. Stay safe and stay overnight locally when choosing to indulge in a few glasses of regionally produced wine.

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Rediscover Travel: Culinary delights in France

With croissants, crèmes brûlées and more pastries than you can shake a French stick at, some of the world’s best-loved foods are just a short hop across the English Channel. With so many gastronomic diversions on offer, there are few greater pleasures than enjoying a boeuf Bourguignon in the heart of Burgundy, or sweet madeleines from an authentic Alsatian bakery. Just imagine if you could learn how to cook real French food for yourself so that you could recreate your favourites at home too.

As part of our #rediscover campaign, we’re forgoing the typical French tourism draws to bring you something new and exciting. Take more than just a souvenir home with you and learn a lifelong skill with our guide to quick courses and cooking schools in France.

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