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Rediscover Travel: Dusseldorf, Germany’s Best Kept Secret

What springs to mind when you think of a German getaway? Pulsating youth culture in Berlin? Steins of perfectly-frothed beer in Munich? Or maybe the fairytale backdrop of Bavaria? All these German jewels deserve the hype they’ve earned amongst wanderlusters, but if you’re a regular reader you’ll know that here at P&O, we’re on a mission to #rediscovertravel. Today we’ll be exploring the allures of Dusseldorf, a true hidden gem that has more than enough charm to rival the more famous German cities.

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Rediscover Travel: Alternative European cities to visit

You may think of Bruges as your second home, walk like a local down Amsterdam’s winding back streets and have a cafe in Paris where the baristas know you by name. But have you ever felt your travels were starting to lack a little… je ne sais quoi? If you’re starting to find your favourite destination a little too familiar, maybe it’s time to shake up your holiday ritual. These fairytale European cities are sure to steal your heart – and don’t worry, we won’t tell.

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Rediscover Travel: Secret Paris

The city of love, art and long lunches, Paris has captured the hearts of cinephiles, foodies and ardent fans of architecture alike, so a visit to the French capital is always a good idea.

Indeed, in a place where a million surprises are just waiting to be unearthed, half the fun of touring this great city is stumbling across something totally new, which can often be achieved just by venturing a stone’s throw from the typical tourism draws. As part of our #rediscovertravel campaign, we’re encouraging visitors to France to try the road less-travelled. So be adventurous, and tour through secret passageways, underground routes and un-tread trails with our guide to the hidden gems of Paris.

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Rediscover Travel: Local’s guide to Dublin

Anyone who’s lucky enough to have visited Dublin will tell you its distinct character is what brings them back time and time again. While Paris is remarkably romantic, Bruges is chocolate-box charming and Berlin enviably cool, Ireland’s beloved capital is something else entirely.

However, it’s difficult to distill Dublin’s atmosphere down to a single word. What makes this city so addictive is the unique charisma of the people. You’ll never be short of interesting conversation surrounded by Dubliners. They are famously frank, witty, lively and expressive, with many stories to tell.

To experience this fine city in its truest form, it’s worth exploring the corners that natives take for granted.

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Rediscover Travel: Culinary delights in France

With croissants, crèmes brûlées and more pastries than you can shake a French stick at, some of the world’s best-loved foods are just a short hop across the English Channel. With so many gastronomic diversions on offer, there are few greater pleasures than enjoying a boeuf Bourguignon in the heart of Burgundy, or sweet madeleines from an authentic Alsatian bakery. Just imagine if you could learn how to cook real French food for yourself so that you could recreate your favourites at home too.

As part of our #rediscover campaign, we’re forgoing the typical French tourism draws to bring you something new and exciting. Take more than just a souvenir home with you and learn a lifelong skill with our guide to quick courses and cooking schools in France.

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Rediscover Travel

Whether your heart’s set on learning the local cuisine in the French countryside, or discovering hidden gems down the narrow winding streets of Dublin, travelling by ferry gives you the freedom to explore countries beyond their biggest cities, and all at your own pace too. The only tricky bit is knowing where to start.

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