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Rediscover Travel

Whether your heart’s set on learning the local cuisine in the French countryside, or discovering hidden gems down the narrow winding streets of Dublin, travelling by ferry gives you the freedom to explore countries beyond their biggest cities, and all at your own pace too. The only tricky bit is knowing where to start.

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Forgoing the well-beaten tracks of the biggest cities, we’ll show you how to live like a local. These are spots beyond the traditional tourist destinations, and you’ll revel in an adventure to remember forever.

At P&O Ferries we believe that your holiday starts with the journey. As soon as the car wheels roll onto the ship, the on-board bar, brasserie and even casino are waiting to set your journey off with a winning start. Once you reach the other side, the open road is yours to start exploring at will.

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Turn off the GPS and travel local routes to find the hidden gems of your favourite European countries. Maybe you’ll find a small town you never knew existed, or discover something completely new in a well-loved favourite.

Some of the best European holiday destinations are secret getaways often looked over by tourists, where the continent’s city-dwellers escape for a weekend away from the busy centres. These are the places locals gather for drinks and dining, rolling seaside road trips and strolls past ancient architecture – all away from the crowds.

Foraging for food in the French countryside

There’s nothing like feeling at home in a foreign country. Forage for ingredients to cook up a storm in stunning rural France, guided by locals to the top spots for truffles. Or take it easy in a family restaurant on a quiet street down from the Rue Neuve to enjoy the freshest seafood in Brussels.

Whatever your tastes, there’s something new and exciting to add a little spark to your European holiday.

Dutch mill at night in Holland Netherlands

With our guides you’ll be able to scout out alternative routes off the beaten track and busy city secrets so that pretty soon you’ll be mistaken for a local, and you’ll feel like one too. So get off the tourist trail this year, and rediscover travel with P&O Ferries.

Ready to get started?  Get inspired with our Rediscover Travel page, or find your perfect European escape with our Adventure Planner, which picks out the perfect location for you based on your preferences.

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