Beyond The Slopes: 4 Mountain Adventures Besides Skiing

Flying down a mountain while carving up fresh powder is every skiers idea of heaven. However, even the most prolific ski bums need to spend a day or two away from the slopes now and then to recuperate. Luckily there are plenty of incredible activities on offer that will set your pulse racing, without needing skies. We took a look at some of the most thrilling activities you can enjoy across the French resorts that don’t involve skiing.

1. The World’s Highest Zip Line

Because ski lifts are just a bit too time consuming and boring the French resort of Val Thorens decided to spice it up a bit and create the world’s largest zip wire, at an eye-watering altitude of 3,230m. Brave adrenalin junkies are hooked up to the wire and then shot off down the mountain at speeds of up to 100km per hour. As you fly down you’ll catch breath-taking views of the Three Valleys, shooting down a distance of 1300m. With the total glide lasting under two minutes, it’s certainly the quickest way down the mountain.

2. Ice Diving

Braving cold water, this experience unveils a frozen world of complete and utter quiet. Based in Tignes Lake, this extraordinary activity sees you kitted out in a dry suit and plunged under the ice to explore a hidden realm. With the ice glowing above you, you are free to explore the surreal underwater landscape at your leisure. This is unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

3. Bobsleigh

If you prefer your alpine experiences shaken and not stirred this may be perfect for you. In the resort of La Plagne thrill-seekers can ride down an exhilarating 1500m Olympic bobsleigh track. As you hurtle down the 19 nail-biting bends you’ll experience G-force and speeds of up to 120km per hour. Not one for the faint of heart!

4. Bungee Zip Line

In a moment of either pure genius or utter madness, Jean-François Michelin decided to combine his love of skiing with his new found passion for bungee jumping. The result of this innovation is a high altitude bungee catapult named Bun J Ride in Tignes. This extreme adrenalin rush is a truly surreal experience that sees you approach a high ramp on skies, snowboard or sledge before dropping into a 40-metre void below. As you fall the double bungee cords catch you and stabilise you before you zip wire to the ground. Thankfully, they also offer tandem jumps, so you can bring another person to terrify and hold on to.