Reasons to buy travel insurance

5 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance

Getting travel insurance can help provide peace of mind for anyone going abroad. While many still view insurance as an optional extra, it can be a lifesaver if anything unexpected should happen. We’ve created a list of the five most important reasons you need travel insurance on your holidays.

1. If you have personal items you want to protect

Reasons You Need Travel Insurance: Travel insurance can protect gadgets

If you love technology and can’t imagine travelling without at least a dozen expensive electrical items –  think the kids’ iPad and your fancy SLR camera – you may want to get insurance. There’s nothing worse than having a trip ruined by losing your camera or having your phone stolen.

Even if you’re not much of a tech person, you can cover a variety of non-electrical goods like sunglasses, bags and wallets. Ensure you check how many items you can claim for and the maximum value you can claim back in the policy terms and conditions before you purchase.

2. If you have a medical condition

Reasons You Need Travel Insurance: Travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions

Everyone should be able to travel without having to worry about existing medical conditions and accidents. Unfortunately, without insurance to help cover you, the cost of healthcare abroad can be incredibly expensive, especially if you need emergency treatment.

A European Health Insurance Card (formally known as an E111) can provide reduced and often free medical care, but it may not cover emergency situations and won’t help get you home if the problem is serious. While it may incur a small additional fee, you need to let your insurer know of any existing medical conditions to ensure complete cover.

3. If you want to cover any cancellations

Even the best laid plans can be stopped by unforeseen circumstances. If the worst happens it could mean your trip is cancelled before it’s even started, which is why of the top reasons you need travel insurance. Whether you are involved in an accident or there is a flood in your home, there are a number of reasons why you may need to cancel your holiday. In these cases, having insurance to claim back the costs of your holiday will provide peace of mind.

4. If you are doing something adventurous

Reasons You Need Travel Insurance: Travel insurance for winter sports

Whether you’re skiing in the French Alps or white water rafting in the Netherlands, it’s handy to know that should the worst happen, you’ll be covered. Luckily certain insurance policies cover risk taking activities, so you can still enjoy them without worry.

5. If you want to cover delays

Reasons You Need Travel Insurance: Travel insurance for peace of mind

If you happen to be delayed when travelling because of an accident or public transport issues, travel insurance can cover missed departures. Some providers can even help to cover the cost of any additional travel and accommodation expenses.

If you’re lucky enough to be going on more than one trip this year you may save money by buying an annual policy rather than individual ones for each trip. This will then cover all your global gallivanting for the entire year, but remember to check the policy details as some will only provide cover for a maximum of 30 days on each trip.

As a final word of advice, always check the cover levels and excess of your insurance policy to make sure you are happy with them. You are always entitled to two weeks of a ‘cooling off’ period where you can cancel your policy free of charge, so use this time to ensure your policy is right for you and your trip.

Now that you’ve read the reasons you need travel insurance, find you perfect option today and feel protected during your break.