Water Colours Competition: Turn Your Travel Photo into a Work of Art

Whether it’s an ‘I love Paris’ mug, a collection of colourful seashells or even a bottle of wine, we all love bringing back souvenirs from our travels. However, the best memento of all is often simply a photo of your destination and loved ones, something to remind you what a great time you had in the years to come. With this in mind, we’ve come up with something even better for our latest P&O Ferries competition. We’ve decided to give a number of lucky winners the opportunity to turn their holiday snaps into genuine works of art – with some help from a few professional illustrators.

How to Enter

  1. Upload your image to Instagram
  2. Tag @POFerries
  3. AND based on what date it is, use the hashtag listed below

If you fancy turning your travel memories into one-off illustrations at the hands of a super talented artist, upload your on-board or holiday images now – you could be fortunate enough to receive a truly unique keepsake! P&O Ferries will contact winners via Instagram, so keep your eye out for a message from us.

To help inspire your photo taking, check out some of the previous work by the designers, and see what tips they have for making your image stand out from the crowd.

Viktorija Semjonova @andsmilestudio  19 September – 2 October

Hi Viktorija! What’s your story?

Hello! My name is Viktorija Semjonova and I’m a London-based illustrator. I love coffee, stationery, riding my bicycle and of course drawing! My style is very colourful and fun, I use watercolour and gouache (a type of opaque watercolor) to paint; my work is full of patterns, bright colours and textures. I find inspiration in unusual colour combinations while watching people go around their daily business.

What attracts you to draw a particular scene?

It’s the mood, composition, colour, pattern, shapes. Sometimes it’s just looking at something and feeling like you have that weird connection with something/someone, and you can’t put it into words or explain so I explore this connection with drawing.

What advice do you have for anyone hoping to win this competition?

My advice would be to choose a photo you absolutely LOVE which reminds you of a moment and makes you feel a certain way and takes you back to that place. Tell a story with that photo, that moment and why it’s so meaningful to you. Also, think if it’s something you would actually want to have on your wall!

Emma Block @emmablockillustration  3-16 October

Hi Emma! How would you best describe your work?

My work is a mixture of watercolour, gouache and coloured pencil. I would say that my work combines a fresh modern feel with inspiration from the past. I am very inspired by travel and always take a sketchbook with me whenever I go anywhere.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever drawn while on holiday?

When I was in Mexico I drew lots of the Mexican folk art, which is really colourful and pretty crazy. Imagine lots of giant cherubs with rainbow wings.

What are you most looking forward to about this competition?

I’m really excited to see the winners’ photos and it will be a really fun challenge interpreting them and turning them into a beautiful painting.

Linzie Hunter @linziehunter  17-30 October


Hi Linzie! Tell us about yourself!

I’m a freelance illustrator and hand-lettering artist. I grew up in Scotland but I’ve lived in London for over 15 years now and work from my studio in Peckham. I like to experiment with lots of different techniques, combining lettering, graphics, ceramics and character design. I’m also currently working on a couple of picture books for children.

What do you look for in a holiday destination?

I tend to seek out the quirkier sights, and those that are little off the beaten path.  I’m a city person at heart but really enjoy the outdoors. Oh, and the food. Did I mention the food?

What kind of things are you’re hoping to see in this competition?

I am really excited to see everyone’s photos and be inspired by other people’s great holiday memories. And perhaps get some ideas for my next holiday!

Louise Lockhart @theprintedpeanut  31 October-13 November

Hi Louise! Introduce yourself and tell us about your artistic style!

I am an illustrator living in an old mill in a small town in England. I spend my days creating designs from little paper cut-outs and line drawings, dreaming up worlds where men still wear suits and hats. I love to travel and I collect food packaging from around the world.

What are your top tips for creating a memorable image?

Normal, everyday things tend to catch my eye, like someone getting their haircut in a barbers or someone walking a funny dog. I like to use strong colours and draw lettering. The main ingredients for a good image are colour, composition and humour.

What’s the one thing you always take on holiday with you?

I always take a good black ink pen and a little pocket sketchbook. I like drawing people in cafes and on trains as they sit relatively still. I hate being caught drawing someone so I have to be sneaky!

Make sure you join in our watercolours competition as it could see you walk away with a keepsake that captures a truly special moment on your holiday. Check out the Terms & Conditions of the competition to find out more.