Summer of P&O – The Ultimate Holiday Suitcase Pt. 2

What if, instead of squeezing your very essential items into the designated luggage size, you could take everything you desired on holiday – tucked into any old bag? If you’ve always dreamed of going on holiday without constantly worrying about bringing the right gear, then a ferry may just be the answer. Pack your car to the rafters with everything but the kitchen sink – and we’ll even let that on if you manage it. We asked four bloggers what they would pack if they had the freedom to take anything they wanted.

Janie – The Hedge Combers

The ultimate suitcase by Janie from The Hedge Combers

“As a foodie, especially one with food intolerances, having the freedom to take my own snacks on board is one of my biggest ticks for ferry v plane. However my favourite part of ferry travel is the freedom to get up and move around. You can spread out and get comfy, walk around the deck or find a comfy recliner to take a nap in.

“One of my guilty pleasures when travelling is to find a quiet nook with a comfy chair and a good sized table, spread out my planner, and plan. I’m not sure why the physical distance from my desk makes any difference to my focus, but I get so much clarity about my life when I’m away from the daily grind.”

Sabina – Girl vs globe

The ultimate suitcase by Sabina from Girl vs Globe

“When I mentioned my overpacking days, you might have assumed my suitcase was full of shoes and dresses. Now, don’t get me wrong – that was definitely part of it. But the bulk of the weight was always made up of books.

Nothing is more relaxing to me than sitting down with a good book. It can be on a tropical beach with pink sand or by the fireplace in a Swiss chalet – as long as I have the right reading material I’ll be having the best time ever.”

Victoria – Pommie Travels

The ultimate suitcase by Victoria from Pommie Travels

“I’d take… Tea, a hairdryer, my Sonos speaker, a yoga mat, Toblerone, slippers, face masks, perfume, a puffy jacket, my CAT Boots, cleansing balm, all my makeup, and a dog.

OK, OK I don’t have a dog. But I really want one soon and it would be awesome to be able to travel with it. With P&O Ferries you can take a dog if it has a pet passport, as long as it meets EU requirements. It must stay in the vehicle during your trip, but at just £15 each way on the Dover to Calais route, it’s far cheaper than flying!”

Kate – WitWitWoo

The ultimate suitcase by Kate from WitWitWoo

“One of the things I absolutely loved about camping, over a traditional night in a hotel, was that I could take absolutely anything I wanted with me, because I just packed it all in the car, and as clichéd as it was, that tent became a home from home. Two duvets, ALL the cushions, camping stove, candles …

“And it got me thinking, especially as my son Dexter is desperate to go on holiday again, what other type of holiday lends itself to a similar lifestyle? Where you can just throw everything you want in the car, without having to worry about baggage allowances, or making sure you drink that litre bottle of water in your hand luggage before you go through security… and then I thought, why don’t we jump on a P&O Ferry and nip over to France?”

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