Hull to Zeebrugge Crossing

Things to do on your Hull to Zeebrugge Crossing

If you have decided to travel to Belgium with us, you’re sure to be wondering about what things there are to do on your Hull to Zeebrugge crossing. We have loads of great facilities to enjoy on the ships that sail this route, so you can be confident that you won’t be bored for a moment!

Eat a delicious meal

Hull to Zeebrugge Crossing - Eating
Choose from a range of delicious dishes in The Brasserie.

Our onboard restaurants start serving dinner from 6pm, so you will be able to enjoy a delicious meal as soon as you’re hungry. Choose The Kitchen for a laid back option that boasts an all-you-can-eat buffet catering for every taste, or head to The Brasserie for an a la carte dining experience with a more formal feel.

In The Kitchen, you will find everything from curries and ribs to roast dinners and a range of tasty vegetarian options. Soft drinks are refillable here, and you can visit the buffet as many times as you like, making it a great choice for families looking for fantastic value.

A three course meal in The Brasserie is the perfect way to start your Hull to Zeebrugge crossing, as you’ll be able to enjoy table service and sea views, as well as some amazing dishes. With starters including fabulous sharing platter and salmon, main courses such as steak and roast cod, and a range of desserts to complete your meal, you’ll feel truly relaxed when you leave The Brasserie.

Enjoy live music and a drink

Hull to Zeebrugge Crossing - Entertainment
Enjoy your favourite drink while you listen to live music.

When you are ready to be entertained, head to one of our onboard bars where you can enjoy live music alongside your favourite drink. We serve a whole range of both alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, so you’re sure to find something that you love.

For live music from our resident band, take a seat in the Show Bar. Covering a catchy mix of hits, you’re sure to be on the dancefloor in no time! Once the band have completed their set, you’ll be able to boogie the night away at the disco until you’re ready to retire to your cabin.

You’ll find a more relaxed vibe in our Lounge, where our onboard musician will play soothing sets that are sure to help you to unwind during your Hull to Zeebrugge crossing. The Lounge is also home to the WiFi Zone where you can plug in your laptop or other devices and access high quality WiFi, which is ideal if you need to check your emails or research your holiday destination.

Relax in your cabin

Hull to Zeebrugge Crossing - Relax
Relax and unwind in your comfortable cabin.

Your Hull to Zeebrugge crossing offers the perfect opportunity to take some time out and relax in your cabin, which can be a welcome option if you rarely get the chance to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet!

Whether you want to relax with a hot shower, chill out on your bed with a book, listen to your favourite music, or watch the waves roll past the window (if you’re in an outside cabin), you’ll find that it is very easy to unwind during a ferry crossing.

There are a number of cabin types to choose from, and if you fancy a bit of luxury you should try upgrading to a Club Cabin. These cabins offer the same as a Standard Cabin with the addition of a TV, fully stocked minibar, hot drink facilities, and some extra space – what could be more relaxing than that?

Themed Mini Cruises

Hull to Zeebrugge Crossing - Themed Mini Cruise
Book onto one of our themed Mini Cruises for extra entertainment.

Depending on what time of the year you are choosing to travel, you may be able to book onto one of our super fun themed Mini Cruises. With a whole range of different themes on offer, including everything from popular music genres to TV show tributes, you’re sure to find a theme that interests you.

On your themed Mini Cruise, you will be able to enjoy entertainment during the night before heading off to Bruges on a coach transfer for a day of exploring in the morning. You’ll also be treated to entertainment on your return journey, completing your trip in the best way possible!

With plenty of options for eating, relaxing, and being entertained during your Hull to Zeebrugge crossing, why not book your trip with us today and discover it all for yourself?