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Where to Travel in 2016

Europe boasts countless cities of timeless allure, each packed full of hidden gems and must-see sights. With so many wonderful places to discover, where will you choose to holiday this year? To help inspire your own adventure, we’ve carefully selected our hottest destinations for 2016 so you can start planning that dream getaway now.

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Coming into Bloom: Why The Netherlands is The Flower Capital of the World

Every spring, 1.7 billion tulips burst into bloom across the Netherlands, bringing a kaleidoscope of colour to fields and cities of this picturesque country. While only the unofficial national flower, Holland is still widely known as ‘the land of tulips’, and tours of the dazzling bright red, yellow and pink coloured meadows have become one of the most popular attractions in the country for both tourists and locals alike. With festivities ranging from flower parades to the incredible arrangements at the country’s most celebrated spring garden, see for yourself just why Holland is considered the tulip capital of the world.

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That’s Amore: Alternative Valentine’s Day Escapes

With Valentine’s Day only a month away, loved up couples across the world are busy planning their ideal getaways. Well-travelled romantic cities like Rome, Venice or Paris have become a bit clichéd, but there are plenty of charming cities in Europe that offer a unique Valentine’s Day retreat. Fall in love with these alternative destinations and impress your partner by choosing an exciting escape that’s a little more out of the ordinary.

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Top Winter City Breaks in January  

Whether you’re looking to beat those January blues or keep to your 2016 travel resolutions, a European city break is the perfect way to start the new year in style. From the vibrant colours of National Tulip Day in Amsterdam to the cobbled pavements of Bruges and the cosy pubs of Dublin; if you’re wondering where to go in January, this is the perfect inspiration for your early 2016 trip.

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Getting from Rotterdam Port to Amsterdam

The canal-lined capital of the Netherlands is renowned for its incredible artistic heritage, moreish street food and endless cycle routes. With picturesque views as far as the eye can see, it’s hardly surprising this cultural hub has become one of the most popular city-break destinations in the world. With our ferry crossing from Hull across the North Sea to Rotterdam, you can spend the night on board and wake up in Holland, all set to explore its largest metropolis. Check out our guide below to see the number of easy ways to reach Amsterdam from Rotterdam Port.

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Reasons to Visit Amsterdam in Winter

With its picturesque canals, cosy wood panelled cafés and awesome activities, Amsterdam is one of the best cities to explore, even when the temperature drops. Fast becoming one of the hottest winter break destinations in Europe, we decided to take a look at the best reasons to visit the Netherlands‘ capital this festive season.

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Europe’s Best Christmas Markets

Twinkling lights, the crunch of snow underfoot and the comfort of a steaming glass of mulled wine; if there’s one thing keeping many of us going during the winter it’s the welcome arrival of Christmas markets. The rich scent of roasted meats mingle with the homely smell of gingerbread, making these yuletide gatherings impossible to resist, even when the temperature drops down.

With the festive period almost upon us, we decided to share with you some of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe.

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5 Stunning UNESCO Sites You Can Reach Via Ferry

UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites showcases both mankind’s greatest architectural achievements and the planet’s most naturally stunning landscapes, making them some of the most awe-inspiring places to visit on earth. While you may never be able to see all of the sites scattered around the globe (there are over a thousand at time of writing), there are many located only a short distance from the UK. To help you seek out these cultural hotspots, we’ve created a guide to five of the most beautiful UNESCO sites you can reach via ferry.

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Giethoorn: The Village With no Roads

On the edge of the lush Weerribben Wieden National Park is a place lost in time. Giethoorn has become famous as the village with no roads, a place where all transport is waterborne. Known for its nickname as ‘The Venice of Holland’, this peaceful and idyllic village lays among a maze of canoe routes, ornate wooden bridges and endless cycling tracks. Take a closer look at this unspoiled beauty, and be inspired to embark on a Netherlands adventure of your own.

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10 Things to do in Rotterdam

The young, vibrant city of Rotterdam is teeming with life, stunning architecture and home to Europe’s biggest port. The perfect place to visit on a minicruise, you can see all the best of Netherland’s ‘second city’ in a relatively short time thanks to its excellent public transport system. To help you plan your time effectively, there are a number of essential things to do in Rotterdam you can add to your minicruise itinerary.

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