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Blistering barnacles! Exploring art in Brussels

Whether the unique city views have you reaching for your own paintbrush, or you simply appreciate the vibrant strokes of a masterful oil painting, Brussels is the perfect getaway for any art lover. Art is a key part of the Brussels aesthetic, from the many murals covering the walls of quaint houses to the avant garde sculptures constantly popping up in local parks. Take a walk through the painted city streets of the Belgian capital and you can’t help but be inspired by the city. Here are some of our top tips for exploring art in Brussels.

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Why you should visit Amsterdam for Museumnacht

At 7pm on the first Saturday of November, 57 of the best museums in Amsterdam open their doors to one of the biggest festivities of the year. A ticket for Museumnacht not only gets you into each of the city’s museums, but access to over 250 talks and activities too, like printmaking, cyanotype photography and even the chance to make your own home remedies. The streets transform into a massive carnival of art, science and history, with music and food stalls everywhere until 2am. That’s not to say the night’s over though. After the doors close, the party simply continues in the city’s many vibrant clubs.

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A Day in Paris: The Extraordinary Heart of France

Whether you’re travelling for this summer’s international football tournament or just sightseeing, a visit to the vivacious French capital of Paris is always a good idea. As the sunshine pours down on this stunning city, football fans and tourists alike will be hoping to explore the wonders of this iconic metropolis during the summer months, and who can blame them! If you’ve always wanted to visit the City of Lights, put on some sturdy shoes and prepare for a whirlwind tour as we share with you our guide to visiting Paris for the day.

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Museums in Bruges: Culture, Chocolate and Beer

Horse-drawn carriages trundle along Bruges’ cobbled streets while the majestic belfry tower, a proud symbol of the city, rises high into the sky from the picturesque market square. This old-world charm is a key appeal for tourists, and today, many of the city’s more modern features pay tribute to the city’s fine heritage. To get the most out of a weekend in Bruges, be sure to visit the city’s impressive variety of exhibitions for an insight into some of Belgium’s greatest cultural exports. From chocolate production to some of the finest Flemish artwork in the world, check out our favourite museums in Bruges and inspire your escape to this stunning city.

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