Bruges' Skyline

Museums in Bruges: Culture, Chocolate and Beer

Horse-drawn carriages trundle along Bruges’ cobbled streets while the majestic belfry tower, a proud symbol of the city, rises high into the sky from the picturesque market square. This old-world charm is a key appeal for tourists, and today, many of the city’s more modern features pay tribute to the city’s fine heritage. To get the most out of a weekend in Bruges, be sure to visit the city’s impressive variety of exhibitions for an insight into some of Belgium’s greatest cultural exports. From chocolate production to some of the finest Flemish artwork in the world, check out our favourite museums in Bruges and inspire your escape to this stunning city.

Feel Chipper at the Frietmuseum


It might not surprise you to learn that Belgium has a rich tradition of fried potatoes, given the country actually lays claim to the invention of chips. An essential part of the local cuisine – especially when eaten alongside rich stews and pots of steaming mussels – the Frietmuseum is a unique attraction dedicated to the celebration of one of the globe’s most popular foods. In this fascinating homage to the history of chips, you can learn how French fries got their name, shape and much more. Oh, and fortunately there are a few delicious samples on offer too.

Drink it up at the Beer Museum

Discover Belgian beer at the beer museum

Anyone wondering what to do in Bruges should certainly consider a trip to the Beer Museum, which provides a wealth of knowledge about the country’s world-famous lager heritage. This hop-tastic exhibit is fully interactive, allowing you to see, touch and learn about the ingredients that go into the production of the amber nectar. At the end of your tour, you can relax in a bar overlooking the pretty Grote Markt and try from 16 draught beers on offer.

Get Arty at the Groeningemuseum

Groeningemuseum in Bruges
Image: Jennifer Morrow

Wander into the imagination of the great Belgian painters of the past at the Groeningemuseum, a top class gallery that is particularly famous for its remarkable collection of 18th and 19th century neoclassical Flemish works. Keep an eye out for the work of Dutch master Jan van Eyck, who lived in the city from 1425 until his death in 1441. He has three pieces on display here – The Madonna with Canon van der Paele, Portrait of Margareta van Eyck and Portrait of Christ – and all are internationally renowned masterpieces.

Indulge at Choco-Story

Belgian Chocolates

If you’re not feeling too full from your visit to the Frietmuseum, Choco-Story is the perfect place to appease your sweet tooth. This museum helps to tell the 4,000-year story of chocolate, charting its course through the ages and how it evolved into the tasty treat we know and love today. Of course, visitors also get to try some of the national delicacy in the museum itself before they leave.

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