Five health benefits of Ferry Travel

Five Health Benefits of Ferry Travel

Instead of rushing around to get to your destination, why not use your journey for a bit of “mindful travel” before you get there? When you travel with P&O Ferries, the holiday starts as soon as you step on board – and not just because of the wide range of entertainment options available. Once you’ve discovered how easy it is to relax, refresh and recharge during a scenic ferry crossing across the deep blue sea, you’ll wonder why you ever travel any other way. So read on to find out five health benefits of ferry travel.

1. Plenty of fresh air

Five Health Benefits of Ferry Travel: Plenty of fresh air on a P&O Ferry
Forget sharing the air in a plane cabin.

You may have heard of sea travel being prescribed as the cure for many an ailment. In fact, the practice of taking a journey to warmer climates through mineral waters and fresh sea breezes has been given to everyone from ship captains to royalty since the 19th century. And who wants to start off a holiday sharing the air with a cabin-full of strangers? Instead, use your journey time for recuperation, then let the adventure begin as soon as you get to your destination.

2. Stretch your legs

Five Health Benefits of Ferry Travel: Stretch your legs on a P&O Ferry
There’s plenty of space to stretch your legs on a P&O Ferry.

Forget paying for extra leg room. One of the top health benefits of ferry travel is that you get all the space you desire to stretch your legs – and then some. Picture strolling around on deck, enjoying a spot of yoga in the sunshine, or getting cosy in your own private cabin. Sure beats sitting in a cramped seat for hours at a time, and travelling by sea means you can wave goodbye to compression socks and stuffy wanders down aeroplane aisles.

3. A restful sleep

Five Health Benefits of Ferry Travel: Comfortable cabins
Enjoy the space in your own cosy ensuite cabin.

Ah, we’ve all tried it. The airline scrunch to try and get a few extra hours of shuteye before you land at your destination. But imagine having your own ensuite cabin to relax and unwind, including a bed where you can curl up with a good book and a glass of wine – a far cry from the noisy neck-pillow nights on an aeroplane.

When you sail overnight on one of our North Sea routes, you get your own private cabin included, perfect for sleeping or simply enjoying a bit of peace and quiet at any time of day. Oh, and if you’re worried about seasickness, never fear. Our ferries are specially designed for smooth sailing, even on choppy waters.

4. Refresh and hydrate

Five Health Benefits of Ferry Travel: Stay hydrated on a P&O Ferry
Arrive at your destination refreshed and alert.

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination feeling dehydrated, not to mention the headaches and crankiness that come with it. On a five-hour flight, men can lose up to a litre of water from the lack of humidity, which can leave you feeling tired and run down by the time you land. One of the health benefits of ferry travel is that, not only do you get to enjoy the ocean view, but you also stay hydrated throughout your journey – lifting your mood and making you feel less fatigued along the way.

5. Eat healthy

Five Health Benefits of Ferry Travel: Broccoli soup on P&O ferries
There are plenty of healthy eating options on a P&O Ferry.

If you’re tired of the plastic-wrapped meals on airline flights, then the benefits of travelling by ferry are two-fold. First off, you can enjoy a whole range of healthy options from a selection of onboard eateries. Enjoy the French-style meals of the Brasserie, classic family favourites and world cuisine in the Kitchen, or a light snack in one of our relaxing bars. Whether you’d like a veggie-packed soup or a hearty salmon salad, we have a whole range of healthy options to suit everyone.

Alternatively, you also have the option to take your own food, so when you travel with P&O Ferries, there’s no limit to what you can take to eat on board.

Ready to experience the health benefits of ferry travel for yourself? Start planning your trip with us today and prepare yourself for a refreshing experience.