Things to do on a Second Visit to Bruges

Most famous for its striking Belfry, pretty Main Square, famous brewery, and picturesque canal tours, there are plenty of fun things to do on a second visit to Bruges if you have already seen these top sights on a previous trip.

When you travel to Bruges on one of our Mini Cruises you will have a whole day to discover what this wonderful city has to offer, so whether you have been there before or are heading there for a second adventure, you’re sure to find plenty to keep you occupied.

Visit the Concertgebouw

Second visit to Bruges - Concert Hall
Explore the contemporary Concertgebouw and see the city from its 7th floor.

Bruges’ Concertgebouw, or Concert Hall, can be found on the edge of the city centre and boasts a contemporary design that really makes it stand out from its medieval surroundings, partly due to being red in colour.

Home to a number of concerts, festivals, and events throughout the year, this venue has welcomed many world-famous musicians who come to try out the building’s amazing acoustics. The Concertgebouw is also where you will find Bruges’ Tourist Office, and you can learn about how the hall is run day-to-day.

The feature that makes this one of the best things to do on a second visit to Bruges is the Concert Hall’s 7th storey terrace which offers fantastic views, making it a great place to admire the city from.

Wander through Minnewater Park

Second visit to Bruges - Minnewater Park
Wander through the beautiful Minnewater Park.

The beautiful Minnewater Park is best-known for the sad legend that gave it its name, in which a young girl called Minna ran away from home to be with her love from a neighbouring tribe but met a tragic end and was buried within the grounds.

It is for this reason that the park’s lake is known as the ‘Lake of Love’ and the bridge that crosses it is called ‘Lover’s Bridge’. It is believed that if you walk across the bridge with your partner you will be rewarded with eternal love, which is a very romantic thing for couples to do during their second visit to Bruges.

Minnewater Park is also home to a number of festivals throughout the year, and guests love to walk through the vibrant flower beds, and spot the swans that swim on the lake too.

See the ‘Beer Wall’

Second visit to Bruges - Beer Wall
Have a beer at 2be and see the unique ‘Beer Wall’.

Situated behind the trees that form part of Bruges’ most photographed spot is the 2be beer terrace, which is part of the bar and shop that you can also find there, and home to the fascinating ‘Beer Wall’.

The ‘Beer Wall’ is a glass cabinet that runs along one side of the beer terrace and contains a bottle of every Belgian beer you could imagine, and many branded beer glasses too, making it a really unique feature to discover.

While you’re there, try one of an unbeatable range of local beers, including 16 on tap, and enjoy the scenery and music before heading into the shop to buy more beer, plus chocolate and souvenirs.

Discover the Lumina Domestica

Second visit to Bruges - Lumina Domestica
Discover the history of lamps at Lumina Domestica.

There are loads of different museums to visit in Bruges, but during your second time in the city you might want to discover something a little bit different, such the Lumina Domestica, a museum that explores the history of lamps!

Learn all about the history of interior lighting and see over 6000 antiques during your time in this unique museum, plus find out about the world of luminous animals, including the glow-worm, and learn about consumption and conservation of energy too.

Finish your trip in the gift shop where you will find a selection of interesting lamps, plus books about the topic if you would like to learn even more after you leave.

With so many amazing things to do on a second visit to Bruges, why not book your Mini Cruise to Belgium today and discover some of these hidden gems for yourself.