Game of Thrones® Tours and Locations

Magic, mystery and murder in medieval times; it’s no wonder that Game of Thrones® tours and filming locations have inspired a wave of fans to visit Northern Ireland, and with the final season set to start on April 15th at 2am in the UK, it’s the perfect time to explore the dramatic landscapes that create the fictional continent of Westeros.

Surfin’ Safari: 5 of the best surf spots in Europe

It may have been the Californian wilds that got The Beach Boys yearning for a longer summer – but head to any of these surf spots in Europe and you’ll soon agree that they could have been crooning about coastlines much closer to home. Our top picks are suitable for all abilities, and have plenty of nearby amusements to keep

The best places to go whale watching in Scotland

Whales are the largest creatures to have ever lived – bigger than the dinosaurs, as well as any animal walking the earth today. From the gentle giant that is the blue whale to the charismatic singing humpback, these are intelligent animals with intricate social behaviours. The chance to see them in their natural habitat is a genuinely moving experience then,

“The best thing about our trip was the unexpected!” A Weekend in Scotland

The following post and photos come from Fiona of Gluten Free Fi When we planned our trip from Larne to Cairnryan, we opted to get the early ferry so that we could watch the sunrise as we sailed across the North Channel towards Scotland. At 2am my husband, Andy, packed up the car with all of my ‘essentials’…my extremely large

“I completely fell in love.” 48 hours in Northern Ireland

The following post and photos come from Claire of @thislittlehouse. You may have heard how beautiful Northern Ireland is, but I can guarantee until you have seen it with your own eyes, you won’t understand just how beautiful it is. I was lucky enough to have a few days to explore there recently and completely fell in love.

Why Northern Ireland is Lonely Planet’s Top Region to Visit in 2018

It’s a list that includes Alaska, Italy’s Aeolian Islands and the Kii Peninsular in Japan – but sitting at the pinnacle of Lonely Planet’s Top Regions to Visit in 2018 is a rather more familiar destination: Northern Ireland. Belfast, in particular, is a spot that really caught the judges’ eyes. The last 20 years have been times of distinct change

Last minute January holiday deals

What better way to shake off the January blues than by treating yourself to a quick post-Christmas getaway? Get the year off to the right start with one of our fantastic last minute deals – so you can enjoy a January escape without breaking the bank. Explore the sprawling winter landscapes of the Causeway Coastal Route, go looking for the

Early music events: Flanders, Bruges and more

While the term refers to pieces composed between 500 and 1600, early music is far from being stuck in the past. In fact, today’s early music scene – spanning medieval, renaissance and baroque genres – is thriving, bringing together a huge number of instruments in harmonious and immersive performances. A number of talented musicians are taking to the stage this

Edinburgh Fringe Guide

Exhilarating, wild and pleasingly unpredictable, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a one-of-a-kind spectacle in the world of live entertainment. The event is the pride of the Scottish capital, renowned as the largest arts festival on earth, and there are over 50,000 performances of more than 3,000 shows taking place in over 300 different venues across the city. To help you

Ways to Celebrate St George’s Day

On the 23rd April each year, England commemorates the life of its revered patron, Saint George. A Christian martyr, Roman soldier and legendary dragon slayer, the saint and his colours have become a national symbol of England. Patriots and visitors alike celebrate the day by wearing red roses and attending the annual St George’s Day parade in towns across the

The Best Carnivals in Europe

What once began as a period of merrymaking just before Lent has transformed into a series of colourful events celebrated across the world. Carnivals are now some of the biggest and boldest parties on the planet, with masks, costumes and spectacular parades the norm. While Brazil may be renowned as the spiritual home of carnival, you can catch many of

The Causeway Coastal Route

Clinging to the wave battered north east coast of Northern Ireland, a dramatic seaside road runs all the way from the capital of Belfast to Derry – Londonderry. Known as the Causeway Coastal Route, this winding, snaking passage contains some of the country’s most awe-inspiring natural backdrops and is renowned as one of the world’s greatest road journeys.

Experiencing the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Holding the title as the largest arts festival in the world, experiencing the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is an absolute must for anyone who loves being entertained. A kaleidoscope of performance-based acts are spread across hundreds of stages, totalling over 3,000 shows. Thought of as a rite of passage for performers, the festival frequently draws the biggest names in the business,