1960-80 – Every day’s a holiday

With the introduction of cheaper, shorter routes, P&O would revolutionise the family holiday for all, while still venturing into other industries. New types of ships, and a new Chairman in Sir Donald Anderson, allowed the company to enter new realms of travel, freight forwarding and the fuel industry. The latter saw P&O supplying the gas and oil rigs of the North Sea from a fleet of small ships.

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If all the drama and excitement in the lead up to the British Open has whetted your appetite, take a look at these other great golf tournaments taking place across Europe this year. Whether you’re looking to take on the greens yourself or simply catch the newest talent rising through the ranks, you’ll find the perfect golfing break here. From fantastic family fun days to luxurious resort breaks to taking on the pros, here’s our guide to the best alternative European golf tournaments of 2017.


24 Hours of Le Mans: The Ultimate Guide

While the French are blissfully wedded to world-class cooking and undoubtedly devoted to fine wine, the nation’s long and passionate love affair with fast cars is hardly a well-kept secret. France’s ardour for auto-racing can be traced back to 1894 and the origins of the Grand Prix, which started out as a simple road race from one town to the next. Over the course of the 20th Century, the country’s rendezvous with racing set a precedent across the globe. A direct descendant of the original Grand Prix, the Formula One circus now travels to an endless array of glamorous locations, yet the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ is the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix in the South of France. Gotta keep it local. Another highlight of the jam-packed racing roster is 24 Hours of Le Mans: the world’s oldest endurance race.

Although this year’s race has already taken place, tickets are now available for 2018, making now the perfect time to plan ahead to catch the action. Here, we present the ultimate guide for those who want to discover the thrills of this full-throttle spectacular.

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Marking 100 years since the Battle of Passchendaele

On 31 July 2017, events in Belgium will commemorate 100 years since the start of the Battle of Passchendaele – a series of attacks on Ypres in the country’s Flanders region. With 450,000 casualties by its end on 10 November 1917, this particular campaign is known not only as one of the bloodiest of World War I, but also one characterised by bravery – fourteen Victoria Cross medals were given out on the first day alone.

To honour its centenary year, each nation involved will be holding special tributes, and Belgium itself is holding a series of events too. With the Flanders region less than an hour away from our Zeebrugge port, travelling with your car will give you the best access to see it all. Our guide to the schedule follows below.

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Unusual European Festivals

This summer’s festival season is well and truly upon us, and fields all across the country will soon be filled up with people wanting to camp, sing and dance to some of the world’s best music. If you’re looking for something different though, continental Europe could offer something totally unique. Celebrating the weird and the wonderful – from bathtub sailing in Belgium to onion festivals in Germany, read on for our guide to some of Europe’s most unusual events.

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Getting from the port of Dublin to Galway

Set along the Wild Atlantic Way on Ireland’s west coast, Galway is a thriving, bohemian city that is often referred to as the country’s cultural heart. As well as having plenty of beaches and expansive promenades perfect for a seaside escape, the city’s network of cobbled streets, colourful shops and folky bars are a joy to explore for all ages. You can linger in pubs to enjoy traditional live music, keep warm during the winter months with cosy turf fires and try the area’s famous fresh oysters at the local restaurants, all before dancing the night away in the famous Latin Quarter.

After taking a crossing from Liverpool to Dublin, Galway is a quick road or rail trip away. This guide tells you all you need to know.

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